After proving her acting chops in the drama serial Beti, Saheefa Jabbar Khattak is all geared up for her next project. This time around, the young actress will be taking up on the role of a mother who is interestingly much older.

In the drama serial titled Daag, we will once again see the actress fighting for the rights of her daughter, the role of which will be played by Saboor Aly.

“I will be playing the lead again in my third project called Daag. In the first few episodes, I will start off by playing a twenty-something girl, and in the next episodes, you will see me playing a forty- something woman,” she said in an exclusive chat with

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She also went on to say how this character has been even more challenging than playing the role of Maryam in Beti, considering the age and time-lapse. But Khattak wants to break stereotypes by not opting for the same old mainstream roles given to young women.

“I never wanted to be the ‘cute girl’ in shows. I always wanted challenging roles, especially touching some social issues,” she said, explaining why she doesn’t want to play it safe in the beginning of her acting career.

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The actor also found the role challenging in the sense that the rest of the cast is much more experienced. The drama will star Kashif Mehmood, Nadia Afgan, Saboor Aly, Affan Waheed and Saba Hamid in pivotal roles, but seeing as how everyone raved about Khattak’s previous performance, this one would be just as impressive.


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