‘A man is not woman’s responsibility’ Nadia Hussain


Model-cum-actor Nadia Hussain believes that women shouldn’t be demanded to take care of men every time.

Speaking in ARY News’ show alongside her husband Atif Khan, Nadia said a mature man shouldn’t be expecting his wife to take care of him like a child.

“A man is not always a responsibility of a woman. He is my husband, not my child that I keep on taking care of him. Expecting a woman to come back home after work and serve her husband is totally wrong,” she shared her opinion.

“See, there must be coordination between husband and wife. We can work together and support each other. Why always expect one-sided care from a woman,” she said.

While talking about feminism, Nadia said women should have a right to drive, get an education, and marry whoever they want.

“Women must have rights as a daughter, wife, and mother. I should have the freedom to drive, get an education, and marry a person I like. This is what feminism is all about. Why often we don’t see such restrictions on men? Mostly women face such things,” she concluded.

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