Following the success of the recent introduction of the flagship store in Lahore, Pakistan, DIVA’NI, arguably the only fashion brand built at the edge of cinema and reality, showcased it’s Couture 2016 Bridal Collection, ‘Bagh-e-Bahar’, against the backdrop of the historic city of Lahore at the Haveli Barood Khana.

Bedecked in traditional rose petals and lit by candles, the evening was opened by a live performance from the maestro Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, followed by an interactive walk through bridal showcase spread over the Haveli presenting the ‘Bagh-e-Bahar’ collection. Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan performed live throughout the bridal showcase where superstars Mahira Khan and Ali Zafar walked as the finale celebrity showstoppers for DIVA’NI.

The evening was conceptualized by Sanya Dhir of DIVA’NI with show direction and choreography by HSY, Hair and Makeup by team N-Pro/Nabilas, Event Management by Jalal Salahuddin Events, backstage management by production 021, photography by Faisal Farooqui and the team at Dragonfly with Public Relations by Lotus.

Post this Couture Show, DIVA’NI is hosting an exclusive 3 days viewing of the ‘Bagh –e- Bahar’ collection at the brands flagship store on main MM Alam Road starting 24th September 2016.

A collection painstakingly crafted across 300 days by 1000 artists with more than 10 million stitches, ‘Bagh-e-Bahar’ brings back the timeless Mughal era and golden period of Royal dynasties, taking patrons on a mystical journey through historic art movements. If on the one hand DIVA’NI presents a mosaic inspired by world architecture, it is then juxtaposed against ancient Persian garden motifs, all brought together by the signature vintage rose motif across fabrics hand-woven with sheer intricacy.

Bagh -e- Bahar’ celebrates the sheer majesty and richness of the Sub Continents shared heritage and historic legacy. Every ensemble has been crafted as a masterpiece where each silhouette recites poetry of a bygone era and each hue has been plucked from the canvases of historic art. We are delighted to introduce ‘Bagh -e-Bahar’ in Lahore – a city steeped in a royal cultural legacy, befitting of what this collection captures.” said Sanya Dhir, Creative Director (DIVA’NI).

DIVA’NI was first introduced to India in 2013 by Yash Raj Films, Indian cinema’s biggest name and KBSH Private Limited, one of the largest & independent heritage fashion houses based out of New Delhi. The brand is led by its powerhouse creative director Ms. Sanya Dhir, who joined the 65-year-old family business, KBSH in 2009. Her calling was the need to break the age-old stereotype attached to ethnic wear and make it more accessible and relevant to the “Glocal” woman. Hence, DIVA’NI was born; inspired by fashion, film and femininity, with a passion for heritage, a mastery of exclusive and extensive handcrafted techniques and a fundamental appreciation for traditional craft.

Indeed as a custodian & connoisseur of Indian textiles, DIVA’NI conserves and promotes dying traditional crafts, working closely with its weavers and craftsmen from the remotest regions of the sub-continent. With over hundreds’ of zardozikars (master craftsmen), handloom weavers and hand-paint women artisans spread over Lucknow, Delhi and Varanasi, DIVA’NI brings forth its rare artistry to create exclusive and bespoke bridal couture & luxury pret-a-porter.


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