‘Dreaming of becoming World Champion’ Feroze aims amateur boxing


Actor Feroze Khan is training hard in the ring for hours and hours to try his luck in the world of boxing in near future.

Feroze appeared in ARY News’ show ‘Bouncer‘ in which he shared his aims to become an amateur boxer.

“I have been training boxing for months now and I have developed so many skills so far,” the actor shared.

“Coming into boxing wasn’t an overnight decision. I knew it could put a lot of things at stake including my acting career. I came into sports with off-road racing and then the interest developed at this side gradually. My aim is to contest in an amateur fight very soon,” he maintained.

Feroze disclosed that he sees himself as a world champion in dreams and he is working to make it happen in reality. “Currently, I often see dreams of becoming world champion in boxing. I know it’s not too easy but not impossible. I am working hard and I hope to make it true one day,” he said.

The Khaani actor thinks that it will take a year or so for him to contest in his first fight. “I don’t see any competition here. I am planning to go for training in the US, UK, and Cuba. My aim is to fight against top boxers in the world. It will take more than a year to contest in my first fight,” he concluded.

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