Saba Qamar is clearly on a roll! Still reeling in the success of Cheekh, the actress is now all geared for her comeback on the big screen. And about time, as this year was undoubtedly a big one for Pakistani films, but we’re itching to see the return of our all-time favourites alongside some fresh faces.

As for Qamar’s return, the actress will be starring in Sarmad Khoosat’s directorial titled Kamli. As per Galaxy Lollywood, Qamar has claimed that the film ‘will be bigger’ than Hindi Medium, her Bollywood debut for which she received worldwide acclaim. The actress recently shared a still from the film, consisting of a breathtaking underwater shot of her.

The plot of the movie is still under wraps, but according to Qamar, we should be expecting a new face paired alongside her. However, she will be the main character and under the spotlight, making it a female-centric film with a fresh storyline.

With Khoosat doing remarkable stuff for the local entertainment industry, there’s no doubt this venture will be groundbreaking as well, especially with someone like Qamar on board!


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