Mahira Khan recently had an insightful and open chat with Anwar Maqsood at the Arts Council of Pakistan where the two explored a lot of topics, from the country’s current political climate to Khan’s love for Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan to how important financial independence is for women.

During their conversation, Maqsood shared how he has decided to write a script for television, after a whopping time period of ten long years. According to the renowned screenwriter, the project will be named Pabandi, and explores the numerous restrictions imposed on women in multiple places, from their offices to their households, and even after their marriages.

Mahira also weighed in on the topic, adding in her own experience with financial independence. “Whenever I go to lectures like this, a common question is asked to me, ‘What advise would you want to give your fellow women?’ To that, I reflect on my own life and realise that if I wasn’t financially independent, I wouldn’t have been able to make so many difficult choices. I know so many educated women, who can’t get out of horrible marriages due to their dependence on their partners for money,” she said.

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Moving on, Mahira also commented on the incessant social media trolling celebrities have to face, especially if they tend to be outspoken or comment on a pressing matter. “There was a time when I wrote extremely emotional rants online and then I stopped. People threaten, and abuse so much on these social media platforms, and many of the insults are addressed to your parents, and children too,” she shared.

“Most of the critics and trolls are anonymous, so they know saying anything won’t tarnish their respect or image. If everyone on social media was verified then everyone would think of their respect first,” she continued.

Staying on the path of current trending topics, Khan shared her support for Imran Khan amidst the ongoing political turmoil. “I’m with Pathaan,” she said. “Honesty is in scarcity in the present times. Honesty is important in work, and relationships, and at this point, I would love to see someone elected who is honest, no matter the political party,” she added.


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