During a recent interview with journalist Maliha Rehman, Zaviyar Naumaan, the son of veteran actor Nauman Ijaz, spoke about the label that is often associated with him as the son of an acclaimed actor – Nepotism – and shared his thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of coming from a family entrenched in show business.

According to Zaviyar, being the child of a celebrity is a double-edged sword, as it can be both a blessing and a burden, and can bring its own set of challenges and expectations. While acknowledging the issue of nepotism in the entertainment industry, the actor shared that he was fortunate to have had a leg up in the industry due to his family connections. However, he also noted that this privilege comes with a significant amount of pressure to live up to people’s expectations, and the stakes are higher for him as compared to someone who does not come from a showbiz background.

“I get it, I understand the privilege I had to get the start which many crave for, but then again, I also had the pressure of fulfilling expectations people have of me,” he said.

“So if I mess up, my fall is going to be huge, as compared to someone, who might get another chance,” he continued, adding how any mistakes he makes could have a greater impact on his career, while others may get another chance to prove themselves.

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Furthermore, he explained how being in the industry and working as an actor comes naturally to him because that’s all he’s witnessed and seen his father doing growing up.

“Yes I’m a nepo kid and I own it, but I’ll prove you wrong with my work. Why would I not want to do something which I’ve seen my father do for 40 years, that makes no sense at all. I believe, I’m here because people want to see me, therefore I’m not being cancelled and I’m getting work,” he said.

“When they would not want to see me on screen I’ll go back to Canada,” he concluded.

Zaviyar is currently basking in rave reviews for his performance in the drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha, alongside Wahaj Ali and Hania Aamir. Watch his interview below.


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