Parey Hut Love has a lot of surprises and special appearances in store for us, undoubtedly. And amongst other actors, Frieha Altaf is also a part of the film. The PR maven and former supermodel is super excited to take over the role of a mother in the film. However, what makes the movie special for Altaf is that her daughter is starring in it as well!

“This is my fourth film. I have done cameos before, and this is the second film in which I am playing a mother. And my own daughter Parisheh is also a part of the film,” she said in an exclusive chat with Behtareen. 

In fact, Parey Hut Love ensured the familial environment stayed intact for everyone, not just blood relatives. “The environment of this film was like a big family which can’t be separated for life. The whole cast is so loving,” she said, particularly mentioning how she formed a special bond with co-star Hina Dilpazeer.

“I became friends with Hina Dilpazeer which was really interesting because I didn’t know her before. We would sit together and gossip and sing songs, and we’ve become a huge part of each other’s lives. I think that is why this film is always going to be very special to me,” she added. 

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However, the best of the conversation had to be when Altaf recalled the era of old Pakistani cinema, and how different it was from today’s time. “In that era, we had PTV and they would call you in the morning and you had to stay till the evening for one shot. And my nature is quite restless, I can’t stay calm. I want to achieve a lot of things in one day,” she said.

“And the films in that era weren’t all that great. This new era has new techniques and new people to work in films, and I am enjoying it a lot,” she added, and we can’t help but agree. 


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