Since a few years, Ramzan transmissions have become an essential part of the holy month. From Suhoor to Iftar, these transmissions keep us accompanied and reinforce the spirit of the holy month. Although most of them have informative segments with knowledgeable guests and hosts, some hosts have been criticised for their inappropriate behaviour in the past. With the Ramzan transmissions come the official OSTs as well, which are played on the channels throughout the month. Frankly speaking, some of them are really well-made and the tunes are unforgettable.

GEO TV recently released their Ramzan transmission OST. Composed and sung by the most renowned singer of Pakistan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, the OST is already gaining popularity among the viewers. Written by Sabir Zafar and produced by the renowned duo, Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the OST has been titled Ehsaas Ramzan, in sync with the theme of the programs GEO TV intends to air during the month.

Just like the name suggests, the lyrics hold a message of sharing, patience, generosity and inclusion. The video of the OST features the well-known anchors and presenters of GEO TV along with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan himself. While the lyrics are beautifully written, the video, directed by Zeeshan Haider, focuses on the true meaning of Ramzan which teaches us to be kind and to look after the poor and needy. It explores many ways in which we can help and look-after the neglected and underprivileged people of our community. Ramzan is one of the most prestigious and special month which gives us opportunities to repent and give back in the simplest of ways. The entire message of Ramzan has been compiled into this one OST.

This year, GEO TV’s Ramzan transmission will be hosted by their notable news-caster and presenter, Rabia Anum. The transmission will include a vast variety of Islamic segments and teachings. Hopefully, it will be an educational screen-time for the viewers.


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