Model, actress and host Maria Wasti was guest on Iftar Mulaqaat with Hina Bayat on Geo Kahani. Maria had a wonderful conversation with Hina regarding the spirit of Ramadan, hosting and the current talent of the Pakistani Film Industry.

Maria has a long list of successful dramas that she acted in and was best known for turning controversial, unglamorous character into pieces of art. She had a way of breathing life and developed the viewer’s interest in an otherwise dull character but when it comes to movies Maria hasn’t done any except one.

When people used to ask me aap koi film nahi kar rahi, mein kehti thi mere pass film ka talent nahi hai,” said Maria Wasti. Since we know how well she handled that, we believe if an interesting offer lands on her doorstep she would excel in it and she should take it. “Right now I don’t have an offer that I should consider seriously.” she added.

If I want to work on the silver screen I want to enjoy it rather than just doing another role,” she continued.

Maria also hosts a morning show on See TV, which comes from Istanbul, Turkey. “I never considered myself to be a morning show host,” she said.

Maria in the beginning stages of her hosting believed that she didn’t have the talent to host a show but she tried her best.


Whenever you do these kinds of shows you should always have a panel of a few people who ensure research and quality in terms of the content you’re going to share with the audience. The people I’m working with, I don’t pressurize them, I tell them straight up that I don’t know anything about ratings. That’s the only reason I consider that show. And they’re comfortable with that,” she revealed.


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