Hania Aamir, the celebrated Pakistani actress known for her impressive work in both television and film, recently dispelled rumors regarding her relationship with renowned Indian rapper Badshah. Their friendship, which caught public attention after several encounters in Dubai, has been the subject of widespread speculation.

With an impressive 13 million followers on Instagram, Hania has seen her popularity surge, especially in India, following her role in the hit drama serial “Mere Humsafar.” However, it was her interactions with Badshah that particularly intrigued fans, as the two were seen together multiple times during their stays in Dubai.

Opening up about their friendship, Hania explained how their bond started. “He commented on one of my Instagram reels, and when my friend informed me about Badshah’s remark, I was taken aback. Upon checking, I discovered his message, and from there, we began exchanging messages on Instagram,” she recounted.

While she didn’t specify who initiated the first direct message, she emphasized the organic and unique nature of their interaction. “It was quite different, and I didn’t reach out to him because he was a superstar, but because he was genuinely cool, and our interaction was incredibly pleasant.”

Hania praised Badshah as a “great friend,” describing him as down-to-earth and kind. “Apart from his Badshah persona, he is a kind person, so real, and that’s why we clicked. He always checks up on me if I haven’t posted Instagram reels,” she noted. This genuine connection, she elaborated, transcends their celebrity status.

Discussing her growing fame in India, Hania expressed a sense of cultural connection between India and Pakistan. “It’s not surprising. I’ve always felt that we, Indians and Pakistanis, share many similarities, making it challenging not to appreciate each other. Though I sometimes lament not being able to express my gratitude to them in person, I cherish the bonds I’ve formed with them outside Pakistan,” she said.

By shedding light on her friendship with Badshah, Hania highlighted the authentic bond they share, one that goes beyond borders and cultures. Addressing the rumors directly, Hania Aamir not only clarified her relationship with Badshah but also showcased the strength of genuine human connection in the entertainment industry.

Watch her interview below:


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