Haroon Kadwani is currently busy raking in positive reviews for his performance in the drama serial Jhoom, but the star kid has often been compared to Feroze Khan in terms of outlook and demeanor. In a recent interview with Maliha Rehman, he was asked about his thoughts on the comparison and he responded with how senseless these comparisons are.

Maliha asked him if he feels bad when people say that Haroon is trying to be like Feroze Khan, and he shared how feeling bad wouldn’t be the right word or the right phrase. She then asked if it feels unfair, and he felt that also wouldn’t sum up his feelings.

“Unfair would also be a wrong choice of words. I think it doesn’t make sense. Why? Because he’s an established actor. He’s one of the best actors we have. And he’s worked really hard to be where he is right now and he’s worked his way up,” he started off.

“I have a very different perspective on life. I see the glass half full, not as half empty. And to think that ‘I will replace someone.’ This is a very selfish thought in and of itself. And an optimistic person would never have such a thought. I pray to God to give everyone success and that everyone’s hardwork pays off. God is the only one who can give you the respect you deserve. If it’s meant for you no one can take it away from you. That is what makes me feel like it doesn’t make sense for me to be compared with him,” he added.

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He also went on to reiterate why it he doesn’t believe that it could be unfair. “There’s nothing to feel good or bad about or to think that it’s unfair. What’s unfair? What’s the comparison about? What is being compared? It doesn’t make sense because he has his own identity. I have my own. If someone says something like this to me, I wouldn’t feel unfair or anything. I would just simply feel like it doesn’t make sense,” he said.

So far in his blossoming career, Haroon has played many characters, ranging from the angry young man, the complicated young man, the troubled young man – according to Maliha Rehman. The journalist went on to ask if he’d be okay taking up on the role of a toxic, abusive young man who who goes around slapping women.

“Let’s say, if the content is nice, if the situations are nice and then in certain scenes if I feel like there is too much injustice going on here, that is not right. Then I will request for that to be changed,” he said.

“Every actor is given this much space to be open about the things that they feel uncomfortable with. The story is really good but these are the parts im not comfortable about. So if these could be removed or if the situation could be changed then change it. If it is changed then okay. Another option you have is that you don’t take up such a project. But then again it’s every person’s personal choice regarding what he wants to do. Whether they want to show such a thing or not. I’m sure that it would be removed if requested if the story is really good,” he added.

Continuing the topic, the interviewer went on to ask if there are any such instances in dramas where the situation calls for such an action to be taken and if it is okay. “This is a very situational thing. And I won’t be comfortable doing that. And like I said, I would request for it to be removed,” he said.

Watch the interview below.


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