‘Women need men’ Gilani shares her point of view on Feminism


Sarwat Gilani put forward her point of view on ‘Feminism’ while saying that men have an equal responsibility to support women’s right to equality.

Speaking to Mira Sethi on her YouTube show, Sarwat said she is not against men who support and encourage women to get their rights. In fact, she thinks that at certain moments, women need men.

“I think in certain moments, women need men. I mean Feminism is not something that allows bashing men. Men have their own place and they should be respected. I am an independent woman but at the end of the day, I feel like I need somebody who will take care of me,” she said.

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“In Pakistan, men think they have nothing to do with women’s rights. Whereas there are some men who support women and back them to speak up, Feminism really means that equality is important,” she added.

Gilani, who was under criticism for her role in web-series Churials – based on women’s equality, said there is a need to aware people of the actual definition of Feminism.

“The only way I can see this being solved is by creating awareness. We need to know about the rules and laws. I am a motivational speaker; I have talked to a lot of women. I keep making them understand that no one will help us, not even the men in our house unless we help ourselves,” she shared.

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