Aina Asif has quickly become a prominent name in the Pakistani drama industry. Her breakthrough role came in the Ramadan hit “Hum Tum,” where she played an interesting and unique character that resonated with audiences. Aina’s performance as a strong, ambitious young girl quickly caught the attention of viewers and critics alike.

After her success in “Hum Tum,” Aina took on a lead role in the drama “Mayi Ri,” which tackled the serious issue of child marriages and the complications that come with them. Playing Annie, her on-screen chemistry with Fakhir proved to be a winning combination, further solidifying her rising star status.

Aina Asif recently appeared on The Knock Knock show, where she discussed her future plans for her acting career. She revealed that her primary goal is to be content with the projects she chooses. Aina stated, “I just want to be content in the long run. I never want to feel like I was pressured into picking something up that I did not agree with.”

The young actress also acknowledged the significant role her mother plays in her career. Since Aina began as a child star, her mother has been deeply involved in managing her career, from reading scripts and selecting roles to handling her finances. This strong support system allows Aina to focus on both her acting career and her education.

Aina shared that having her mother’s guidance and assistance has been invaluable, especially as she juggles her acting career with school. “I have given all that responsibility to my mother as I want to enjoy my school and concentrate on my studies alongside the work I am doing. So, my mom helps me balance everything,” she explained.


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