‘Imran Khan often consumed drugs at my home’ Sarfaraz Nawaz


Sarfaraz Nawaz accused his former teammate and current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan of consuming drugs at his home.

Speaking on a YouTube channel, the former Test cricketer said Khan had often consumed drugs in front of him, in fact at his home in Islamabad.

“Imran Khan often consumed drugs at my home” claimed Sarfaraz. “He used to consume weed through currency notes in England and a lot of people are witness of it,” he added.

“I still remember, we returned from England tour and Imran came at my home in Islamabad alongside Mohsin Khan, Mudassar Nazar, Saleem Malik. He first time took drugs at my home then,” he recalled.

Adding on, Sarfaraz challenged PM Khan if he was wrong then file a case against him. “I am an eye-witness of Imran consuming drugs. I challenge him if I am lying so file a case against me,” he concluded.

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