‘You understand COVID-19 panic after losing a loved one’ Bushra Ansari


Bushra Ansari believes that COVID-19’s reality is truly understood when people lose their loved ones and closest people.

The veteran actress talked to her fans for the first time since her sister Sumbul Shahid passed away due to contracting the deadly virus. In a video message, Bushra stressed to take this virus seriously.

“You all saw a few days ago I lost my sister Sumbul Shahid. We received a lot of information about Covid-19 but we truly understood what the panic is all about when someone really close to our hearts left this world because of it,” she shared.

“Do not take this lightly. There are so many people around me who say things like, ‘I had a bad throat so I took medicine and now I’m fine,’ and they’re meeting other people, going out, taking flights. It is not fine at all,” she pointed out.

Meanwhile, Bushra also expressed the sorrow and grief the whole family went through after the tragic loss. “Everyone loves their siblings, and when you have sisters, the bond is even stronger. The four of us, loved each other very much. We talked the same way, listened to the same music and sang together,” she shared emotionally.

The actor requested people to take care of them and adopt precautionary measures as soon as they feel any symptoms. “Be serious, don’t endanger other people’s lives. You don’t have a sour throat because you drank cold water yesterday, understand that,” she concluded.

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