‘Indo-Pak tensions interrupted my Bollywood debut’ Danyal Zafar


Danyal Zafar shared that India-Pakistan tensions interrupted his Bollywood debut with Yash Raj Films in 2017.

While reminiscing the whole scenario in a chat with Something Haute, Danyal revealed that he got a call from the popular Indian production to be their next Yash Raj boy in 2016.

“I got a call from Yash Raj Productions in 2016 and they told me that I would be launched as their next Yash Raj boy,” he said.

“I went there and spent two months with the production of the film named Qaidi Band which I was supposed to do. But, the day they were to launch me officially, probably Uri attack occurred and tensions get hyped among both the countries,

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“All Pakistani artists including Ali Bhai, Mawra, and Fawad Bhai were threatened to leave India as soon as possible. We traveled back to Pakistan and I was told to wait until the situation gets better. But, after a month, they canceled the project with me,” Danyal shared.

Moreover, Danyal also revealed that he was auditioned for Aladdin and got shortlisted. “I was in London. This was after the Yash Raj project in 2017. I was in the subway where I saw a poster for the auditions of Aladdin. It was a walk-in audition and I gave the audition for Aladdin. No one knew who I was, yet I got a call,” he reminisced.

“I did not get it but I was very close to it. The fact that I got far enough that Guy Ritchie took notice was a huge win for me,” concluded Danyal.

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