It’s apparent how Iqra Aziz is destined for great stardom. With a number of successful projects under her belt at such a young age, it’s no wonder why everyone wants to know what makes her the marvel she is today. And once again, Samina Peerzada managed to crack the code. In her infamous talk show, she made Aziz spill all the details about her childhood and her jovial personality, and her journey to prominence.

Of course, Peerzada started off with her signature question, and made Aziz open up about her childhood. Revealing how her father was absent from the picture due to business engagements in the first few years of her life, Aziz went on to illuminate how close she was to her mother and elder sister. Seeing her father for the first time at the age of three happens to be a memory she would never forget. “I couldn’t accept the fact as a kid that a completely new person is supposed to be my father,” she explained.

She reminisced over the time she spent with her father thenceforth, and remembers it fondly as he passed away when she was just twelve. “My personality is just like my father’s, and I am happy about the fact that I have something of him,” she said, with a smile. She also went on to talk about how one should cope while suffering from such a huge loss, that is the death of a parent. “You shouldn’t feel an excessive amount of affliction, because you should be happy about everything, [especially] that you’re here, making your father proud,” she said.

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Still remembering her mother’s advice from when she was a kid and grieving over this loss, she went on to say how she was taught not to cry excessively, as that would upset her father who is watching above her. “I always try to stay happy, and to make him proud wherever he is,” she said. These key moments made her become super close to her mother, whom she refers to as her best friend to this day. “I’ve always been an open book, and I always tell everything, whether good or bad, to my mother. My mama has been my best friend since always,” she remarked.

Dealing with grave tragedy and then finding support in her immediate family, she soon stepped into the media biz, and started making a name for herself based on her talent. She talked about how she cried on the day of her first shoot, and how she attained negative tendencies in her personality while playing a negative role in Qurbaan. Once again, her family helped her on her way out of pessimism by spending time with her. And it is apparent how her family has a vital role to play in shaping up the Iqra Aziz of today.

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There’s a lot more that needs to be addressed and acknowledged about Aziz’s incredible life, but it looks like we will have to wait till the second part of the interview drops. Till then, kudos to Peerzada for doing such a delightful job at giving everybody an inside look of their favourite celebrity’s life.


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