If you’ve been keeping track of what’s up in the film biz, you must have seen Asim Raza’s upcoming venture Parey Hut Love garnering colossal attention. And rest assured, it’s all for the right reasons, as the leading lady is none other than the beloved Maya Ali. Recently making it big with Teefa in Trouble, which also happened to be her debut, the actress has upped the expectations and will surely live up to them. In an exclusive one-on-one with Behtareen.pk, she revealed all about what she has in store for the viewers.

Usually embodying a spark of versatility in her roles, we were curious how different this character would be from Anya in Teefa in Trouble, and not just in terms of an S added to her name. “My character, Saniya, is very strong and mature, and extremely proud of her decisions,” she said. “She’s very different from Anya, as being bold and strong is not just driving or jumping around, it actually comes from within. Saniya has that quality, she thinks from her heart,” she added.

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There’s evidently something special about Ali, who managed to debut with Ahsan Rahim, and then nabbed the lead in Raza’s second project. Raza’s typical filmmaking fashion is enough to draw every actor’s interest, and the actress agrees. “When a newcomer steps into the industry, it is their dream to work with Asim Raza. You get to learn a lot from him, and he portrays you beautifully, while being strict about his work,” she said. “I got to sign this film’s contract with Asim Raza before my debut was released, and it certainly made me feel I must have done something right,” she added, feeling eternally grateful.


Still reeling in the success of Teefa in Trouble, which bagged a spot on the Trending Now section of Netflix, the actress couldn’t stop gushing over amassing such a response on her debut. “I feel exhilarated. It felt great to see it’s trending on Netflix, and that it was even put up in cinemas again. All the hard work we put into it, it really payed off,” she said. The actress also wished the best for upcoming films, saying, “I want other Pakistani films as well to make it big on the box office, and find a place in everyone’s hearts.”

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That being said, we can’t wait for Parey Hut Love to hit the cinemas next year. The film also stars Sheheryar Munawar, Zara Noor Abbas, and Ahmed Ali Butt in prominent roles, and is said to be of the rom-com genre, in Raza’s emblematic style.


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