Despite going through a divorce, Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari and their families have always maintained a civil, respectful stance on their relationship. Be it Syra sending their daughter Nooreh to meet Shahroz and Sadaf Kanwal’s first child, or both Syra and Shahroz co-parenting their kid, there always seems to be a decent bond between the family members.

Similarly, when Shahroz’s father Behroze Sabzwari appeared in a recent interview, he had nothing but pleasant things to say about his former daughter-in-law. “Syra is my daughter, even now. If their chemistry wasn’t compatible, we can’t do anything about it — this is up to God,” he said.

He also went on to talk about how the reactions from people over the divorce resulted in a tough time for the family. “All the people who trolled us, that was a difficult time for us to go through, it was harsh for Shahroz, for Syra and for the families. It was a very personal matter but people think they have a right over us — it’s not like that, we all have a personal life and social media has destroyed lives,” he said.

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Moreover, the actor is fully supportive of Syra moving on to start another family. “We’ve never seen Syra as separate from us and we never will. I’ve said to her many a time, ‘Beta, get settled down. Why not? I’m standing behind you.’ Why not? She’s our daughter and Nooreh is our life,” he shared.

The same honorable values seem to have been instilled in their children as well, as Sabzwari went on to share how excited Nooreh is about her new step-sibling. “You cannot even imagine how excited Nooreh is — you can’t believe it, even we can’t believe it!” he said.

“Yesterday she was with Zahra all day and she kept her in her own room. She said to Sadaf, ‘If you want to feed her, come here and feed her’. I swear, she said to me and Safina, ‘Out, papa out.’ She calls me papa, she calls Shahroz baba, Safina mumma, Syra mimi and Sadaf Sadaf as she’s good friends with her,” he added. How absolutely wholesome is this?


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