We’re all familiar with how talented Mohsin Abbas Haider is. Whether it’s showcasing his acting chops in shows like Meri Guriya, or belting out singles in Coke Studio or covers on Instagram, he has done it all. And this time around, he’s back with a new track to soothe your ears, titled Na Jaa.

The gifted singer has collaborated with musician Sohail Haider on this track, and together they have created a melodious song which is typical of Mohsin’s own style in music. The glorious composition has been penned and performed by Mohsin and Sohail both. Their vocals, even with Mohsin’s classical training, complement each other’s and simultaneously stand out just as much. Moreover, the soulful lyrics focus on disallowing a supposed love from leaving, which a lot of listeners would find relatable or touching.

Directed by Ahsan Ali, the video goes with the simplicity of the song, and gives an overall serene vibe. It also makes you focus more on the vocals rather than getting lost in the visuals. Clad in white, both of the singers blend well with each other, and against the soothing backdrop of the video, and the calming composition of the whole song.

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This track might make you see Mohsin Abbas Haider in a different light, if you aren’t familiar with his music. And will make the listeners hopeful for him to work on music more often. We can’t wait to see what offers he has up his sleeve, in terms of pure entertainment.



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