A couple of years ago, Justin Bibis, a group of two sisters came to much limelight when a video of them featuring their mother, went viral over social media. The sibling were singing Justin Bieber’s famous number Baby. For a month or two, they were everywhere, and then, they were nowhere.

During the forgotten time, Justin Bibis made a few appearances in events but all failed to bring them back on limelight.

Just now, another such attempt is made by Al-Hamra Arts Council, Lahore, in the second the episode of their new project titled Al-Hamra Unplugged. The concept, which looked inspired from Nescafe Basement, has failed to made listeners give Justin Bibis a second chance.

The second episode of Al-Hamra Unplugged featured Justin Bibis with Nimal Roy and Aqleema Dar singing Madam Noor Jehan’s popular numbers Chal Challiye and Sonay Di Taveetri. The sibling sing a few improvised lines of Shakira’s Waka Waka at the end.


Chal Challiye | Sonay Di Taveetri | Waka Waka: 
Featuring Nirmal Roy, Aqleema Dar and Jusin Girls

Music Produced by: Abubakar javed
Accordion: Subhan zahid
Cajon: Waleed Rana
Tabla: Stephen Ashiq
Banjo: Awais Kazmi
Bass: Mumtaz Tafu
Flamenco Guitar: Abubakar javed
Violin : Elizabeth Raji
Dholak: Viqral Bhatti
Electric Guitar: Annan Nokhaiz
Acoustic Guitar: Ahmad Chopra
Video Directed by: Abdul Wahab
Recorded at: Alhamra Studios
Violin: Hafiz Shamshad
Cello: Ahmed Ijaz
Victor Francis: Shakers



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