Kinza Hashmi has her hands full these days by nailing the lead role in a Six Sigma production titled Gul-o-Gulzar. Taking over one of the titular characters named Gulzar, Hashmi stars alongside Saboor Aly in a series revolving around jealousy and blind trust.

Talking about her character, Hashmi shared how many young women out there will be able to relate with Gulzar. “After doing this character, I realised there are so many naive girls like Gulzar out there who blindly trust their best friends for everything. They start comparing their lives with the luxuries that their friend has and ends up wrecking their own life,” she said.

And as you must have guessed, the role of the narcissistic evil friend is played by Aly. So what really sets Hashmi’s character apart from all the roles of meek and naive girls we have seen before? Apparently, Gulzar will act as a revelation in many aspects.

“This drama is an eye opener for all those girls like Gulzar out there that criticise and compare their life with others only to bring destruction to their own,” she added.

Also starring Omer Shahzad and directed by Saqib Khan, the show can be seen on ARY Digital.


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