‘You lost me, boss’ Jami gets upset from Hyatt


Jamshed Mahmood Raza aka Jami got upset from Rohail Hyatt – the one whom he once considered his King.

Hyatt has recently become too active on social media and often gives his two cents on different issues. Just a day ago, Hyatt shared his views on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s comments regarding the rise in sexual violence in the country.

“Never thought I’d get the chance to say this, I live in the Islamic Republic of Liberals!: he wrote.

Hyatt got bashed for his views and Jami was one of those who criticized the former Coke Studio producer. “You lost me, boss. You were my King all this time,” Jami replied.

It was not over from both sides as Hyatt came up with another reply. “All kings must fall my trusted friend. New ones will come to replace them. Never despair inevitability! It’s where we are all headed. Celebrate change! Smile,” he wrote.

In reply, Jami lamented, “A bit Sad today. You take care of yourself boss.”

“You too, bro! I’ll send you happy vibes. Stay positive. Life is a lot more than politics and news feeds. There’s so much beauty hidden everywhere. Open your heart and see the world through it. We are the miracle of creation itself. Take care!” Hyatt commented again.

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