‘Today’s content is all about making controversy’ Mani


Salman Saqib Sheikh aka Mani thinks that currently, content creators are more interested in making controversy instead of content.

While reacting to the current scenario where controversies take no time to become social media gossips, Mani said content has been replaced by controversy nowadays.

“For ten minutes, or 2 minutes or 30 seconds of fame, ‘content creators’ (pun intended with stress) don’t create content, they create controversy!” he believes.

“They make fun of someone – even I used to do it but with smarter content – blame, attack and put down people to get noticed. Some put their own careers in jeopardy for those 30 seconds of fame,” maintained the actor.

Recently, content creators tried to take out controversies from the Hania-Asim issue after the actress was harassed online.

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