We all have been hearing some great football stories from Lyari for long time, but surprisingly, the recent one is not about any sports, it is about film, a short film. Reportedly, filmmakers from Lyari have won the first position in an international Youth Creativity Award in Bahrain for their short movie called Jaawar, a Balochi word meaning ‘the situation.’ The film is about the story of a Lyariite who is traumatized by the violence and bloodshed in his area.

It was the member of Bahraini Royal Family and president of the Bahrain Olympic Committee Mr. Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa who rewarded Jaawar the first prize. The film is written and directed by Ahsan Shah, who is doing his intermediate in Commerce. The cast includes Akhtar Danish, Shareef Rind and Yousuf Kamati.

‘Generally, Lyari doesn’t get much coverage and when it does, it’s mostly not for good reason,’ said Shah, while talking to a daily newspaper.

Shah has been running his filmmaking company ‘Nosach’ which means ‘inventors,’ in Lyari with the help of his friends.

Watch Jaawar below;



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