Rohail Hyatt parts ways with Coke Studio as producer


One of the founding members of Coke Studio (CS), Rohail Hyatt has decided to part ways with the music show as a producer.

Hyatt confirmed to Express Tribune that he has no more a part of CS as a producer. Meanwhile, he didn’t confirm anything related to being part of the show in any other capacity.

The fuss started with Hyatt replying to a fan on Twitter who asked him about taking a break from CS. “I am sure CS is being planned but not by me,” he revealed. “Social media is a great place to figure out if one is neutral or biased in any way. I am using it as a tool to measure my own imbalances. Seems to be working well for me,” Hyatt shared his thoughts on using social media.

It must be noted here that CS was launched in 2008 and Hyatt played crucial role in it. He took break from the CS for six years and returned in 2019 and produced a back-to-back season.

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