‘Would’ve loved to play Edhi Sahab if a film was made on him’ Yasir


Yasir Hussain responded to criticism on his upcoming film on serial killer ‘Javed Iqbal‘ and said he always advocated for real stories of Pakistan.

Speaking to Express Tribune, Yasir said ‘Javed Iqbal’ is a real story, not the negative image of Pakistan and they have tried to keep it as authentic as it could be.

“Someone asked me what would be the message of this film? What’s the purpose of it? I want to know what kind of message does Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Punjab Nahi Jaungi, or such films really give out?” Yasir called out.

“The film doesn’t show the recreation of his crimes, it revolves around his confession to the police and what followed,

“I have been an avid advocate of showing the honest picture of our country. The stories are never meant to be limited to Javed Iqbal or the likes. I’ve been asking everyone to make films on Abdul Sattar Edhi, on Abdus Salam and Abdul Qadeer Khan as well. I would have loved to be cast as Edhi Sahab if anyone is making a film on him,” he shared.

Yasir said Pakistan’s real content has been affected by the censor board. “Our industry has been pushed back by censoring the real content. We have films like Zindagi Tamasha which is still awaiting its release. Pray tell, what is so unethical about it?” he asked.

“We are happy with showing item numbers, cleavages. All of it was even more common in the 90s, not just today. So, we need to set an age limit for the audience to watch certain films and add a certificate to them.” he concluded.

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