‘Being a producer, I train my team to be responsible’ Hareem Farooq


Hareem Farooq wants to set an example as a producer by training his team to be responsible on the set.

Speaking to Something Haute, Hareem shared how she remains so careful about the working environment on her sets.

“It is the producer’s job to set the working environment on setst. I have to stand with my team or crew and defend them but that doesn’t mean that they can misbehave with anyone. I have to be responsible and train them to be responsible,” she stressed.

“I think the best way to tackle egos is to talk to people as humans, not taking into account who they are or who they are not,” she maintained.

While talking about taking less acting projects, Hareem said she picks what she thinks is best for her.

“People think that I’m very choosy or moody but I want to know what I can really perform well. I want to know what I am good at. I want challenges. I have always believed that I want to make a name for myself and make my own path so there’s no need to rush,” the actor emphasized.


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