One would think time would have solved the Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi debacle, but it only results in new plot twists. As of recent, television critic and journalist Mahwash Ajaz has come forth with what seems like an extended apology of sorts to Zafar for her previous views and claims about the singer and the ongoing harassment ordeal.

“Deeply regret and sad about the pain I’ve caused Ali Zafar and his family. As some incidents have revealed, and as court proceedings are on the way in the case and more facts come forward, you will see why I’m writing what I’m writing,” she tweeted.

“I write this with pain and anguish and I feel betrayed by many who have claimed to fight for this cause. Also, I will be taking back all my tweets regarding the allegations against Mr. Zafar and those associated with him,” she added.

This created a major uproar amongst the netizens, and basically divided the internet once again. While Ajaz’s vague statement did not give any reasons as to why she was extending an apology to Zafar, it surely seemed to side with his narrative.

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Consequently, many have supported Ajaz on changing her stance on the case, as the journalist had been quite vocal about Zafar and her disdain for him in the past. Similarly, it is also being assumed that this might just be one of the many PR stunts celebrities pull to make things work in their favour, as Ajaz is evidently short of evidence to support her claims.

Some of these reactions will help you gain a better insight into what people are feeling about the whole affair.

Ajaz is also being repeatedly called out for her obscure statement as people demand to know what made her change her narrative.

Some also feel that Ajaz’s statement is insensitive to all the women who came out against Zafar.

Which brings us to Leena Ghani’s response, who was also one of the women who came out with her harassment experience involving Zafar and also revealed how she was repeatedly being threatened to retract her statement.

It is also being insinuated that her move is all pre-planned, as she was subtly promoting Zafar’s film three days ago.

And we also have Shafi’s lawyer Nighat Dad suggesting that Ajaz is also one of the many people who is being intimidated into siding with Zafar.

We’re currently all eyes and ears to see how the story unfolds.


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