‘From Mckinsey’s employee to acting, a whole different ball game’ Aymen aka Mishi


Aspiring actor and daughter of Pakistan’s former Test cricketer Saleem Yousuf, Aymen Saleem aka Mishi of Hum Tv’s ongoing drama serial ‘Chupke Chupke‘ is currently the sweetheart of Netizens.

Aymen, who is playing one of the lead roles in Ramadan Special drama serial, has made her presence felt with her onscreen chemistry opposite Arsalan Naseer aka Hadi.

In a conversation with Something Haute after her acting was lauded on several platforms, Aymen said her feeling was unreal after watching immense love towards her character.

“It is unbelievable for me as it was something very new for me. I never experienced such fan moments before in my life and I never expected this character to become such a big hit,” she expressed her excitement.

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“My Instagram is flooded with lots of memes and even people are inboxing me that how Mishi is relating to their real life. It is unreal, to be honest,” she said.

Meanwhile, Aymen shared that she came from the Corporate sector following her Ivy League graduate degree in finance and business management. “It was a whole different ball game. I never thought of coming into the acting while I was busy doing a job in McKinsey in Dubai,” she disclosed.

“But, there was something back of the mind that I would love to be on camera someday. Actually, it happened all of a sudden. While I was working in Dubai, I had a deal with my family that I will visit Karachi on weekends. So on one such fateful day, I met Sultana Siddiqui at a family wedding where she asked me to give acting a chance,

“I went back to Dubai but the seed was planted in my head. I came back and just thought why don’t just give it a try. I decided to explore acting and Chupke Chupke was the first project that was offered to me,” she recalled.

Aymen is now looking forward to continuing acting after watching immense love from the fans. “I am overwhelmed to see how people loved my character. They loved the chemistry I and Arsalan shared on the screen and you know #Haashi is trending everywhere and we receive many videos of #Haashi daily,” she said.

“I have really enjoyed acting and I would love to continue it as people are now expecting more. I am currently reading some scripts and interestingly, I and Arsalan have been offered a couple of projects together. Let’s see, how things work in the future,” she revealed.

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