It’s true, the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. And it doesn’t matter if you’re single or coupled up, the need for love stays consistent all year around. While there are hundreds of gifts to express your love, nothing satisfies the heart the way food does. And Eat Mubarak is here to satisfy these cravings, and deliver your pyar to you.

The season of love will go out of style soon, or your current romantic obsession will soon get boring, but what stays constant is the overgrowing love for food. Whether you plan on spending your days with your friends, or are planning a romantic getaway with a special someone, food from Eat Mubarak will be the cherry on top of an already perfect day.

And for all the single people out there, we’re here to remind you that people come and go but food will always be there by your side to brighten up your days. And Eat Mubarak is your one true pyar, as it cares about your love for food the most! So, now’s the perfect time to reach out to your one true love, and get your favourite food delivered with lots of love from Eat Mubarak.

If you’re in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, or Faisalabad, don’t wait for a potential partner to gratify your needs, just download the Eat Mubarak app or go to their website and indulge in more than 1500 restaurants on board. And by following their official accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you get the chance to avail special discounts and deals, enough for your daily dose of pyar!

So, without further ado, download the Eat Mubarak app and celebrate your love for food with us, and #GetYourPyarDelivered ASAP!


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