‘Would love to work with Mahira after coming out of boy zone’ Danyal


Danyal Zafar said he is not experienced enough to work with one of the leading Pakistani actors, Mahira Khan.

Speaking to Independent Urdu, Danyal shared his experience of working with Mahira as a producer of his upcoming film ‘Baarwan Khiladi‘.

“Mahira was so excited about her first project as a producer. She was so involved while shooting and I hope her hard work pays off for us,” he said.

“It’s a tough question but maybe she would play my older sister,” he quipped to a question, adding, “I would love to work with her but not now, maybe in three to four years when I come out of ‘boy zone’.”

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Danyal said ‘Baarwan Khiladi‘ is based on a cricket story featuring him and Shahveer Jaffri in lead roles. “It is a story of cricket,” he said. “I am the Baarwan Khiladi, maybe I am not so let’s wait for the film to release,” he shared.

The singer-turned-actor said he has worked really hard to play a role of a cricketer in the film. “I never played cricket properly, maybe tape ball sometimes but hardball cricket was tough for me to adjust in. I practiced hard with one of my cousins and tried to make it happen. I hope when this film comes out, everyone likes our work,” he concluded.

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