Hania calls out influencers who underestimate social media power


Hania Amir shared her two cents on the current buzz – whether social media pressure created by influencers leads to any change or not.

Taking to her Instagram story, Hania called out influencers who think their pressure on social media related to certain issues doesn’t make any change.

“Anyone celebrity/influencer going on about how social media influence cannot bring about change, a question [to you]. What are YOU doing here then? Why are YOU an “influencer” if influence does not matter here? Find a better job,” she wrote.

It must be noted here that a German Vlogger Christian Batzman led to a new debate on the internet after he said ‘Anti-Isreal moment won’t bring any change’. He was also quoted saying that the Third world countries can only pray as their strikes are waste and useless.

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