Meesha Shafi calls Saba Qamar a ‘Hypocrite’


Meesha Shafi called out Saba Qamar after she posted her reaction towards Noor Muqaddam murder case and asked people to break so-called ‘bro-codes’.

While reacting to Saba’s comments, Meesha called her a hypocrite and recalled how she was in link with ‘known’ sexual harassers.

“This is what epic hypocrisy looks like, ladies and gentlemen,” Meesha wrote on her Instagram story.

“A lot of you are asking for context out of genuine curiosity and need to understand. Partying with, supporting, giving/sharing space, validating, endorsing and doing frivolous Instagram lives with known sexual harassers and then putting out holier than thou statements about calling out predators is literal hypocrisy,” she continued.

“You might have missed that this happened or forgotten but the victims and their traumas can’t miss it or forget even if they want to. They can’t miss it because they feel it in their hearts. In their guts. In their mental health. In their nausea. In their daily lives,

“You don’t get to say this without first holding yourself accountable for your own enabling actions and words defending and supporting predators after survivors have shared their experiences against all odds. No, just no,” concluded the Coke Studio singer.

It must be noted here that Noor’s murder case and back-to-back physical abuse cases of women in Islamabad shook internet during last week. Country-wide protests were held to demand women protection law.

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