Problem is not women’s clothes but men’s mentality: Mehwish Hayat


Mehwish Hayat disagreed with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement regarding women’s clothes leading to temptation in men.

Speaking in an interview on Geo News, Hayat paid heed to changing the mindset of men instead of criticizing women’s clothes.

“I believe the problem is not in women’s clothes but men’s mentality,” she shared. “In West, women wear all types of clothes but they don’t get stared for any reason. Even when I travel to west, I never feel someone is staring at me while I am walking on the street. So, the problem lies with the mentality and that needs to be changed,” he maintained.

While explaining this matter further, Hayat also gave example of a scene from her movie ‘Actor In Law’ with Fahad Mustafa. “In a scene from Actor In Law’, I (Meenu) and Fahad (Shan) go in a market wearing Burka to check whether full clothes avoid harassment. But, Fahad gets harassed despite full clothes and Meenu’s dialogue goes ‘What happened, didn’t your clothes protect you?’. Here, Meenu rightly meant, clothes isn’t the problem, mentality is,” she described.

It is pertinent to mention here that PM Khan faced immense criticism for blaming women’s clothes for increasing sexual crimes in the society like Pakistan.

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