We earlier broke the news of how renowned Indian singer Mika Singh recently performed at a mehndi ceremony in Karachi. The news quickly gained momentum within the local media, and soon reached Indian news outlets as well. This bit of news sparked a lot of fire within the local community, as well as his fans back home.

READ: Mika Singh performs in Karachi amidst tension on borders

Many reiterated how it wasn’t acceptable of Pakistanis to be hosting Indian artists at this time, knowing their relations. Many also brought in the ongoing Kashmir issue, which has strained the countries’ relationship even further. And a lot of netizens criticised the family that invited him to perform in these times.

On the other side of the border, Singh’s fans resorted to calling him a traitor, and many Indians demanded to know where the singer’s loyalties lied.

Check out some of the reactions!




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