So, the most awaited last episode of drama serial Cheekh, by Big Bang Entertainment aired last night and it certainly left all the followers in a daze with this finale.

Dramas like Cheekh are rare examples of women raising voice for justice, against their own family. It’s not every day that a Pakistani drama like Cheekh graces our TV screens. The drama had all the elements that kept the audience hooked from its first episode till the last one. From the strong storyline to the stellar cast, with the very talented Saba Qamar and Pakistan’s heartthrob Bilal Abbas Khan in lead roles, brilliant direction and awesome screenplay – the drama was a perfect amalgamation of all.

While Saba Qamar, Ushna Shah, Bilal Abbas Khan, Aijaz Aslam, Azekiah Daniel, Nayyar Ejaz, Emmad Irfani and Noor ul Hassan did a significant job on the show by internalizing their characters with perfection and deserve accolades for their work; it’s the handsome Bilal Abbas Khan who despite being one of the youngest cast members, outshined amongst all with his amazing acting skills.

Not delving deep into the details of the drama’s final episode, so that those who haven’t watched it yet can do so; we can still however say that the drama has concluded well with a justified dramatic ending and people are clamoring for more of Bilal Abbas Khan who has clearly killed it with his performance in Cheekh!

Bilal Abbas Khan has undoubtedly been the crux of Cheekh – his phenomenal acting actually made people cry. The way he was unruffled and composed throughout, and then suddenly broke while departing from his siblings, was acting done on-point. You can’t help but hate Wajih, yet feel sympathy for him when he kneels down in front of Yawar with a breaking voice and says, “Main marna nahi chahta bhai!”

It was surely one of the most intense and intriguing scenes of the serial till date. It entails a lot of acting precision to depict this transformation from a sinful character to a repentant man, who has accepted his fate, yet is afraid of death. The scene showcases a spectacular performance done by Bilal Abbas Khan.

Cheekh’s final episode took social media by storm. Here are some of the few praises people hae for Khan!

Overall the final episode of Cheekh won hearts with all the ends tied together with some powerful lessons to learn from it and amazing power-packed performances by everyone. You can watch the episode here:


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