‘Shameful’ Mahira reacts to IBA expelling student matter


Mahira Khan joined the roar against the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) for expelling a student named Jibrail for highlighting alleged workplace harassment.

Taking to Twitter, Mahira reacted to a video that featured the whole matter. “Shameful. Sad,” she wrote.

Jibrail, from Lakki Marwat, was studying in the IBA on scholarship in BS Economics. The student raised his voice against an alleged harassment incident that took place in the department.

He took to Facebook and emailed concerned authorities to draw their attention towards a financial supervisor harassing his female employee. In reply, the university sent him a notice to delete a series of his Facebook posts and later on expelled him.

Social activist and Lawyer Jibran Nasir took up this matter on social media and it got hype within days.

Actor Iffat Omar and politician Sharmila Farooqui also called it a shameful act.

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