We all know that the chairman Pakistan Super League (PSL) Mr. Najam Sethi is also a political analyst and had been interim Chief Minister of Punjab before the last held general elections. But only a few know that the actress and model Mira Sethi and Coke Studio famed singer Ali Sethi are his children. None of them publically talk about each other but, last night, his daughter Mira Sethi couldn’t controlled her feelings and wrote an emotional status on her Facebook.

Read below what she wrote about her father Mr. Najam Sethi;

“I try not to write or debate or pitch in about my father on public forums because he’s a public figure and what I feel for and about him — affection, love, pride, amusement/bemusement — may not be what others feel (certainly in that order),” she wrote.

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“Today I am emotional. I am sitting in Qaddafi stadium with goosebumps on my arms,” she continued.

Mira also wrote about her love for cricket and that she liked Test Cricket captain Misbah ul Haq. “I’m not a huge cricket watcher. I watch T20s because they’re short and fun. I also really like Misbah. He’s a graceful man.”

She wrote that she got emotional when she saw electrifying scenes during PSL final. “I am emotional today because the energy in the stadium is electric. Everyone is smiling. A girl of 6 waved at me from her stand above: “Mira baji!” A huge grin on her face. Her mother beside her, waving, smiling, laughing, actually.”

“25,000 Pakistanis — young and old and men and women and excitement-addled children — are here. Some of the kids are too young to know or be obsessed with cricket. But they’re smiling because their parents are smiling: Something Good Is Happening. They want to be a part of it,” she added.

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Then she wrote about her father. “A week ago I went up to Abu’s study at 1 am. He was stressed out. Some foreign players had refused to play in Lahore. The franchise owners had concerns. Pakistanis were worried. Abu was pacing in his nightsuit, a creme-coloured khaddar shalwar kameez he has worn since I was a child.”

“I hugged him and told him that, actually, I was worried too. And I was. It was a perfectly legitimate concern. There was a lot to take care of,” she added.

She then continued writing;

“And today, here I am, sitting in Qaddafi stadium, the crowds roaring, doing “waves,” countdowns, chants, engaged in selfie-itus that would give our actresses a run for their money.

I went up to Abu and squeezed his hand. “You’re wearing a woolen suit,” I said. “It’s too hot for this type of suit.”

“I don’t feel hot at all,” he laughed.

I knew exactly what he meant: his mind and heart had expanded with joy. Heat? What heat? His mind was somewhere else.

The stadium is lit up. Pakistan is lit up. May this flicker grow into a steady ray that arcs over this land.

I love you, Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad. #PSL #Pakistan”



  1. Mira I have known your father since 1961 when we sat next to each other in St Anthony’s. He was like the rest of us, good at studies, cricket and English, in which he was outstanding. After a long career of journalism, writing, TV, he is now where he fits in. What he is doing for Pakistan cricket is something which none of his predecessors were required to do, that is, bringing international cricket back to Pakistan after the attack in 2009 on the Sri Lankan team. I spent time with him during the PSL final, he looked weary with a back pain at the start but buoyant at the end. And you looked so happy that he had succeeded despite the fact that you were constantly typing on your phone. And Jugnu, the perfect hostess rooting for Quetta probably because they had been weakened by the departure of Pietersen and Co. Mira I am proud I went to school with Najam Aziz (the surname of Sethi was acquired later in life) and so happy that he is fighting a war to bring smiles on our faces. May Allah grant him success in the fulfilment of his objective to bring international teams to Pakistan……………Kami.

  2. PSL is the dream that all Pakistani cricketers dreamed of. It is a dream that only Najam Sethi could have fulfilled despite gargantuan odds that he grappled against. His steely determination, self belief and extreme confidence in the cause being a good one was tremendous. Having worked at PCB, I am aware of th fact that most people who worked there in 2015 never thought that this project would take off. It was a triumph, achieved against great adversity. Well done NS.


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