Pakistan pacer Mohammad Irfan, who has been off the scene since 2016, recently bared it all in a recent interview. Among other things, the player talked about his height – which is a whopping 7 feet plus – and how it has created obstacles for him in the world of cricket, while also being extremely beneficial.

Speaking of benefits, the player opened up about how players from other teams have always been intimidated by his height. Although this particular physical attribute has proved to be favourable for his bowling career, the case wasn’t the same whenever the player was made to bat.

“The problem with batting also persists because of my elongated height. They also don’t make the bat big enough, it obviously has a limit,” he told Samaa TV.

The interviewer further urged the Irfan to request the ICC to cater to this inconvenience and ease things for him, as he may the tallest player in the cricket world right now, but there might be more to come, and Irfan laughingly revealed how he once had to borrow the bat from Chris Gayle.

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“This problem remains, and I am also constantly worried about the danger area because my foot size is also above average. Sometimes I tell the umpire that I have requested ICC to expand the danger area because of my foot size. Adding to that, I might request the ICC to arrange a bigger bat as it will make things easier for me,” he said.

Moving on, Irfan also talked about Indian player Gautam Gambhir in detail and expressed how he thinks Gambhir’s career ended because he was intimidated by him.


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