In today’s world where fashion industry is on the high, it is no surprise that like everybody else, mothers now want their kids to look well turned-out. Not only that, winter fashion is the most awaited one every year because of all the mix and match and extra layers you can pull off. It is no secret that your fashion reflects your personality, and for kids it’s not only about that but following the footsteps of their parents, which translates to following the trends of grown-ups when it comes to fashion. After education and other basic necessities, it is also important for mothers to invest in their kids’ fashion; we sure don’t want our kids to be tortured like the way we were with the not-so-cool fashion statements.

Keeping our kids fashion statements stylish yet minimalistic; here are the top 10 fashion forward trends the little ones can pull off this year.

– Denim 

It goes without saying that anything denim is timeless. Be it denim jackets or jeans. Whether it’s the ‘Basic Slim Jeans’, the ‘Denim Chino Trousers’, ‘Contrast Pocket Jeans’ for boys, or the ‘Sequin Patch Denim’ or the ‘Embroided Denim’ for girls; take note mothers as this is a trend that never goes out of fashion.

– Knitwear

Knitwear is the hottest trend for our kids this year. From oversized knitted sweaters to long cardigans, we know the kids can pull off anything, if given the right style. Mommies, grab your kid a ‘Melange Sweater’, a ‘Basic Textured Sweater’ or a ‘Popcorn Knit Sweater’. Not only that, if you have a girl who is into blingy stuff, there are things for the girls as well; like the ‘Big Sequins Sweater’ or the ‘Bunny Sequin Sweater’. Not only that, there is a ‘Stripper Badged Sweater’ for a girl who want to make a hip-hop style statement.

– Hats

When it comes to hats, mothers take note because your kid is not limited to a certain style. It could be either a fur hat or a knitted one with bold prints and appliques. Our recommendation for girls would be a ‘Knitted Beret’ or a ‘Knit Hat’ for boys with super cool badges.

– Bomber Jackets

We all know that us, adults love Bomber Jackets these days, so why not the kids. The ‘Puffer Jackets’, ‘Badges Bomber Jacket’ or just plain ‘Silver Bomber Jackets’ will do the trick for girls who want to go OTT. Similarly, for boys you have the ‘Biker Bomber Jackets’.

– Blazer/Coats

Sharpen your kids’ style with the sophisticated look of blazers and coats. This essential piece definitely adds a distinctive touch of style to both men and women wardrobe. Whether it is the ‘Jacquard Coat’ for boys or the ‘Checked Coat’, ‘Badges Coat’ for girls. Don’t forget to add a touch of sophistication to their style.

– Gloves/Scarves

Mothers, the final thing you need to complete your child’s style statement, is accessorizing, with gloves or a scarf. Be it a ‘PomPom Scarf’ or a ‘Floral Scarf’ or a pair of ‘Knit Gloves’, mother’s don’t forget this accessory.

– Shoes

Shoes are an integral part of our personalities, same rule applies to the kids as well. One of the first thing people notice are the shoes. So mothers, don’t forget to buy them the perfect pair before they step out looking fab. For boys’ we would recommend the ‘high top sneakers’ or the ‘plimsoll shoes’. Similarly, for girls there are the ‘Sequined Uggs’ or the ‘Shiny Ankle Boots’.

So, all the mothers’ and mothers-to-be out there, take note and don’t make your child suffer from fashion disasters like we did. Maybe the best place to stop and change the style statement for your kids has to be Breakout Pakistan. They have an amazing kids wear range across Pakistan.


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