Veteran actress Iffat Omar is among such rare personalities that possess beauty with brains. After doing wonders with her performance in drama serials, the actress is now hosting an engaging talk show which provides all doses of entertainment that one would need. For once, we have a host who doesn’t like to create mindless controversies and doesn’t shy away from stating facts.

Speaking of which, we recently asked Omar how she felt about veteran actors harshly criticizing younger ones. Case in point: actor Firdous Jamal isn’t quite fond of the current generation of actors, as he didn’t hesitate in taking jibes at Mahira Khan first, and then recently, Imran Ashraf. The veteran actor wasn’t impressed by Ashraf’s character Bhola, a role he has received worldwide acclaim for.

Having said that, Omar thinks it is absolutely intolerable of veterans to pass off such remarks. “Unacceptable. If you want to explain something to young [actors], then you do so with love, and in seclusion. When you do it on social media, you come off as desperate, like you want to be part of the news. You should rather talk about some issue, something that benefits the world,” she said.

“If you pinpoint somebody’s talent or somebody’s looks, then it is unacceptable! And I think you are making a fool out of yourself,” she added.

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Her stance does make us long for an industry where all actors held the same viewpoint. But nevertheless, this hot take wasn’t the only one where Omar set the record straight. We also asked her what she feels about how harsh the general public is, especially with ageist comments. And we got to wondering if Omar received any rude comments targetting her age.

“If I get any? I get plenty! I have never hidden my age, I have always told I am forty-seven, I am going to turn forty-eight in February. But that absolutely does not mean that I am going to die, or that I don a white chaadar and go into an Allah Allah mode. We should remember Allah at all times and I do, but that does not mean I will stop living. I will get dressed up, if I look good then I look good, I will not care about anyone,” she said.

“But let me say one thing. When people write rude comments, then it does affect me. Don’t do it. What are you getting out of it?” she added.

Evidently, we can all do without cyberbullying, even though celebrities manage to maintain a thick skin most of the time. However, that doesn’t mean the actress isn’t just as easygoing in her personal life. “My life is very simple, I wake up on my own will, go to bed whenever I please, eat whatever I want and work however I want to. I have a good life. I don’t have a routine, I just do whatever my heart wants,” she said.

Boy, that’s definitely the kind of life and attitude we’re trying to nail!


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