Are you someone who is a fan of mystery and adventure? If yes, then you should try caving, which is a recreational pastime of exploring caves. Also known as spelunking and potholing, this sport requires climbing or crawling because caves are usually underground natural chamber on the side of a hill or cliff formed due to erosion and dissolution of rocks.

If caving is your thing, then you should consider exploring the mysterious aura of the caves found in Pakistan. Be it their historical significance or being used as a praying and meditation site that allures you, Jovago Pakistan brings a list of 3 famous caves in Pakistan that you should definitely explore.

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  • Buddhists Cave at Shah Allah Ditta

The beautiful capital city of Pakistan is home to famous caves of Shah Allah Ditta that are approximately 4000 years old. While some archeologists believe that these caves date back to stone age, there are others who believe that these caves were formed in the Ghandara civilization. With murals on the walls denoting Buddhism and Hinduism, the caves of Shah Allah Ditta are an important archeological site.

PHOTO: Flickr
PHOTO: Flickr
  • Pir Ghaib Cave

In the largest province of Pakistan, lies the famous cave of Pir Ghaib in the Bolan mountains. Considered to be the longest cave in Pakistan, this cave is 1270 metres long in length. It was named after a famous local saint who vanished within the cave when the soldiers of the Kings of Bolan were sent to murder him. The cave is surrounded by a stunning waterfall that is a sight on its own.

PHOTO: ForPakistan
PHOTO: ForPakistan
  • Gondrani

Considered to be the cave city of pakistan, Gondrani is located near the Bela city in the province of Balochistan. Dating back to the 7th century A.D, these caves are an important archeological site. Believed to be carved by Buddhists, only 500 out of the 1500 caves exist at Gondrani. The cave city is also known as Shehr-e-Roghan, the cave city of Lasbella and the Cave Dwellings of Gondrani.

Gondrani - the Cave City of Pakistan

If you have information on any other caves of Pakistan, then do share it with us in the comments section below.



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