‘Currently, we don’t have any drama writer’ Anwar Maqsood


Anwar Maqsood believes that the Pakistani drama industry saw a decline because the country failed to produce strong drama writers in the recent past.

In a conversation with Voice Of America (VOA), Anwar said gadgets have pushed people back from reading and writing, that’s why quality dramas are barely seen.

“People now have mobile in their hands and they want everything at their doorstep. Our writers have gone away from reading and writing that’s why we barely produce good dramas,” he expressed his feelings.

“For me, there is no drama today because there is no quality writer. The same old stories repeat every time. And, I guess ratings have made things more complicated. The more vulgarity, the more rating. That is how things are going,” he said.

Anwar once again mentioned why he is not working in dramas now a days. “I have left writing dramas. Because I know every story is similar to others. There is no catch of repeating stories for me,” he highlighted.

“I had tried to train a couple of writers but they thought they know more than me. Then I apologized to them and moved on,” he shared.

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