‘Netizens often pick things out of context’ Ushna Shah


Ushna Shah shared her experience of being criticized on social media for her statements which she thinks were often taken out of context.

While giving an interview to Voice of America, Ushna said social media made it so easy to pick up things out of context and make sensational headlines.

“I think it has become easy to spice up things on social media. People often pick up things out of context from my statements,” she shared.

“It’s been two years, I am not too much active on social media. But, I think by sensationalizing things, you fail to highlight the actual point,” she said.

While talking about her appearance in ‘Parizaad‘, Ushna said a lot of women come to her and say the character is about them. “You can call it my cameo in the drama but it was worth it. A lot of women come to me and say it is their story. So yes, it went good,” she mentioned.

Meanwhile, Ushna also wished to work with legendary Pakistani actor Qavi Khan.

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