‘Never forced anyone to watch my show with family’ Tabish Hashmi


Standup comedian and host of famous social media talk show ‘To Be Honest‘, Tabish Hashmi said his show is on the internet which is a ‘by-choice medium’ so no one is forced to watch it.

In an interview with Voice of America (VoA), Tabish replied to critics who think his show is anti-family and doesn’t meet the ethical values of a society like Pakistan.

“I heard a lot of negative comments about my show that it is against our societal norms. People often say it is not a family show, so who said it is?” Tabish shared.

“See, To Be Honest, was made for the Internet which is a by-choice platform. The one who clicks it, watches it. It’s up to you, whether you watch it alone or with family. I didn’t force you,” he added.

“In fact, I receive a lot of messages from old people that they watch my show regularly. I think that is what motivates me to ignore all the negativity,” he maintained.

To a query about coming into acting, Tabish said nothing is planned for now but a good opportunity may put him into it.

“See, I never wanted to be on screen. Accidentally, I came into hosting and my show became a hit. Similarly, I don’t have plans for acting, but if something good comes to me, I will do it,” he concluded.

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