Shahid Afridi recently attended a private event where he enlightened everyone with his views about the country’s current conditions. For starters, Afridi weighed in on punishments for rapists and demanded that the state should publicly hang them in order to set an example for the rest.

“An example should be set for others and no human rights organisation should have any problem with it,” he said. The cricketer’s outburst came as a result of three bodies of three missing children being found in Kasur.

Moving on, Afridi was also questioned about Karachi’s current state, over which he pinpointed the city’s mayor and expressed his disdain. “I have always seen him crying and saying that ‘I do not have power. I have not been given this, I have not been given that,” he said.

“If you have not been given power, then why are you sitting in the mayor’s seat? Why don’t you leave it?” he further questioned, and reiterated how internal politics are responsible for Karachi’s issues.

On an ending note, he brought up how PM Imran Khan should at least financially support his party lawmakers that belong to Karachi, especially from the areas they’ve received votes from.


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