The second edition of the Pakistan International Film Festival 2019 (PiFF) concluded with a special sneak peek of ‘The Glassworker’, presented by Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animation studio ‘Mano Animation Studios’. The sneak preview received an overwhelming response from the attendees and the studio was lauded for bringing the art of hand-drawn anime films into Pakistan. Usman Riaz, the founder of Mano Animation Studios shared his journey and the efforts that went behind making Pakistan’s first hand-drawn anime movie.

The concluding day of PiFF 2019 Animation started with the annual brunch which was attended by Principal Secretary Govt of Sindh Mr S. T. Mustafa, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Sindh Mr Sajid Jamal Abro, Commissioner Karachi Mr Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, filmmakers, members of the U.S Consulate, artists and founding members of the Karachi Film Society. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ishrat Hussain, founding member of KFS stressed on the need of organizing such events to nourish and train the young filmmakers of Pakistan and to put the country’s film industry on the world’s entertainment map. He also applauded the team behind PiFF on recognizing the potential of animation industry and focusing this year’s PiFF on the subject.

The concluding day proceeded with a workshop conducted by Mr Geoffrey Wexler, Chief of the International Division at Studio Ponoc on “Communicating Culture with Integrity”, which was followed by a screening of “The Donkey King” at Nueplex Cinema and a Q&A session with Mr Aziz Jindani and his team. Founding member of KFS Ms Ameena Saiyid presented a token of appreciation to Mr Aziz Jindani.

Following the screening of “Donkey King”, “Modest Heroes: Volume 1”, a mini series of three short films, produced by Studio Ponoc were screened. The audiences were enthralled by the beautifully directed films and the studio’s particular style of art and animation. While answering the audiences’ questions at the end of the screening, Mr Geoffrey Wexler said that he was overwhelmed by the love of the Pakistani audience for anime movies and their knowledge of the genre is quite extensive. He also appreciated the work and efforts of Pakistani 3D animators in the films screened in the festival. While answering another question, Mr Wexler also expressed his wish to release the studio’s films in Pakistan and discussed the possibility of collaborating with Pakistani content creators and Mano Animation Studios in the future.

The festival concluded with a special sneak peek of Usman Riaz’s ‘The Glassworker’, Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animated movie. Speaking on the occasion, Usman Riaz, the founder of ‘Mano Animation Studios’ shared his journey with the audience and efforts that went into founding Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animation studio and bringing in like-minded people with a passion and love for hand-drawn anime under one roof.

Speaking on the occasion, Sultana Siddiqui, president Karachi Film Society once again stressed on the need of the government’s support to ensure the growth of Pakistan’s film industry. She also urged the attendees to support each other and to take steps towards the collective growth of the society. She thanked all the partners of Pakistan International Festival 2019 Animation and chief guest of the event, Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani for being part of this year’s PiFF.

A great supporter of the arts, Commissioner Karachi Mr Iftikhar Ali Shallwani lauded the efforts of PiFF and KFS for bringing in an awareness amongst people of the importance of the different genres of film industry and the need to grow this industry. The three-day festival concluded with a token of appreciation presented to Mr Geoffrey Wexler by Commissioner Karachi Mr Iftikhar Ali Shallwani and President Karachi Film Society Sultana Siddiqui.


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