After a successful run in Lahore, one of the most promising theater events of the year; DATE NIGHT is set to be performed at the Karachi Arts Council starting 18th August.

The play stars Shah Fahad, Waleed Zaidi, Shaan Lashari, Mahnoor Khan and Sheherzade Noor Peerzada. Date Night is set in an expensive mini boutique hotel somewhere on the scenic side of England. The story revolves around two well off couples who go there for a weekend getaway, but get a surprise of their lifetime. The play is extremely funny and fast paced, and will glue you to your seats and lift your spirits, as you delve in the story of romance and seduction.

Date Night is One hour and 22 minutes long and full of punch lines and amusing situations, and includes three entertaining dance routines. All the actors who star in this play have a theatre experience of at least 8 years. The cast of five and the director have over 100 performances between them on stage.

The play takes its script from Derek Benfield, and has been adopted for the Pakistani audience in the form of a musical. The play is a product of the rising duo Shaan Lashari and Dawar Lashari, who’ve returned to the stage after a short hiatus.

Shows will run from the 18th to the 27th of August, 2017.


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